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Prime-Scape Services has been providing Dunedin stump removal services for good reason. Stumps are deeply rooted to the ground, thanks to a tree’s extensive root network. Failure to remove it leaves behind an ugly reminder of your beloved tree. Just like an old tree that may cause damage or injury, a stump creates problems for any property owner. Its removal should preferably happen along with the tree removal. Unfortunately, as stump removal Dunedin experts, we know this is not a weekend job for a property owner. For a safe and environmentally friendly stump removal, it takes heavy machinery to achieve an excellent result. The Problem With Leaving A Stump In Place Removing a stump is backbreaking working. Well, you might think, why not leave it behind? As you know, a stump not only looks out of place in a well-landscaped property but can have adverse effects on your property as well as anyone visiting or residing in it. Before you consider leaving the stump to rot away for eternity, consider the following facts:  
  1. Stumps Can Be Dangerous

One look at a stump will convince anyone it’s not something you want to bump into as you play in the yard with the kids. The truth is, stumps do cause injuries especially to unsuspecting children and visitors. If you do not remove a stump on your property, you will be held liable for any injury it causes.  
  1. Stumps Obstruct Yard Activities

Stumps can hinder your regular yard activities such as mowing the lawn, weeding or playing with the young ones. You will need to maneuver around it, which can make your chores more cumbersome. Even walking around it every time you cross the yard is annoying. Not to mention what your clients will think of an old rotting stump on your business premises.  
  1. Stumps Are A Magnet For Pests

A rotting chunk of wood on your property is the ideal home for critters of all kind. From wood borers and maggots to ants and termites, your stump would be a haven for pests. It only follows that these insects will sooner rather than later invade the rest of your property including your home. Save yourself the trouble of battling with pests by just calling Prime-Scape Services, the stump removal Dunedin professionals.  
  1. Stumps Interfere With Your Landscaping

It’s impossible to think of stumps fitting in with your well-done landscape. You just cannot garden or manicure a lawn around it. If you are thinking of selling your house, do not expect new buyers to be thrilled with your decaying stump. Protect the value of your property by using a Dunedin stump removal service.   Affordable Dunedin Stump Removal Service Prime-Scape Services offers an affordable stump removal service throughout Dunedin. As premier commercial and residential landscaping professionals, we have been in the business for decades. You can depend on our reputation for tree service excellence and fantastic customer service. We ensure all your landscaping needs are well taken care of by employing crews with training and experience. We also implement the best safety standards and use the best equipment for every job. Don’t let your stump be an eyesore on your lovely property, call us today and watch us remove it with ease.

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