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It’s tempting to think a tree stump will rot and disappear into the ground in a couple of weeks. Well, that fantasy is tempting but far from the truth. Once you chop down an old tree, it’s tough putting on a smile when you consider the Palm Harbor stump removal job that awaits you. As most homeowners find out soon enough, all that time and energy is better spent enjoying quality time with the family. The challenge of safely grinding down a stump with heavy machinery is one we take upon with relish. After all, we have done it for decades for one satisfied client after another in Palm Harbor. Every stump should be removed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner and proper landscaping done. Tree stumps left to rot end up creating numerous complications for property owners. Such problems include:
  1. Bad Appearance

Magnificent landscaping greatly enhances the value and attractiveness of your property. Tree stumps do not feature in that picture. A tree stump should never be left on your property if you appreciate your landscape. Have them professionally removed by a Palm Harbor stump removal expert and see what a difference it makes.
  1. Stumps Limit Space And Access

A tree stump occupies space for absolutely no reason. In fact, there is no sharing that space with the stump. You can drive over it or play on it safely. Removing a tree stump allows you to plant grass to restore the continuity of your lawn, or plant a new tree or flowers. At the very least, you do not have to walk around them to access your yard. Stumps waste valuable space especially on smaller properties.
  1. Stumps Are A Magnet For Pests

A tree stump is a chunk of dead wood that soon begins to rot away. Insects and all manner of pests love decay. You do not need a termite invasion facilitated by your abandoned stump. It can be very destructive and extremely costly to get rid of pests.
  1. Stumps Are Hazardous

Anyone who has ever tripped over a stump knows how painful and injurious it can be. Small children are especially vulnerable as they run around the yard while playing. Furthermore, any person who comes into your home or business and trips over a stump can sue you for damages. It’s a classic example of a trip and fall lawsuit.

Palm Harbor Tree Stump Removal Expertise

At Prime-Scape Services, we specialize in every commercial and residential landscaping in and around the Palm Harbor area. Our pedigree goes back decades and is backed by dedicated customer support. If you need a tree stump removal service, we are the team to choose. Our tree service crews are some of the best in the business, with extensive experience and training. Furthermore, we use only the best equipment and follow top safety practices. It’s no surprise we have received full accreditation as tree service professionals. Do not let that tree stump in your yard turn into a hazard. Call our Palm Harbor team today and let us remove it professionally.

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