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Once your old tree is gone, that old stump that remains looks completely out of place in your beautifully landscaped property. We know that feeling, having removed stumps all over Clearwater Fl, for our clients. As premier Clearwater stump removal service providers, we take landscaping very seriously. Restoring your well-manicured lawn to its former glory is a duty we relish. For some, removing an old stump may not seem to be worth the trouble. You may just leave it there to rot away, right? Wrong. There are several hazards that old stumps pose which many Clearwater residents may not be aware of. Here are just a few you need to ponder:  
  1. Stumps Are An Eyesore

Well, this one is rather obvious. If you are a business owner, a decaying stump on your premises says a lot of unflattering things about your business. Customers are attracted to a clean and tidy facility. On the other hand, a home owner looking to sell his property might have to reconsider inviting buyers in if a rotten stump is still in the yard. Stump removal makes a huge difference to how your landscape looks.  
  1. Stumps Are A Haven For Pests

Most people may not know this, but rotting wood in the garden is the perfect hideout for insects. Termites and ants love an old decaying stump for the food and shelter it offers. The same goes for maggots and beetles just to mention a few. With time, these critters will take residence in your home, much to the chagrin of everyone.  
  1. Stumps Are A Hazard

Imagine tripping and falling over an unexpected stump in the yard.  Well, it happens to a lot especially to children and causes painful injuries. Clearwater stump removal experts routinely warn against leaving a stump in the yard. Furthermore, anyone injured by your old stump can sue you for damages. Simple solution? Just give Prime-Scape Services a call we deal with the problem.  
  1. Stumps Take The Fun Out Of Your Yard

Want to play with the kids? Cruise across the lawn on the mower? Or perhaps enjoy sitting at that spot where your old tree stood before? You better watch out and take a detour. That spot now has an old stump ready to injure you or damage your mower. It just has to go, right?  

Why Not Remove The Stump Yourself?

Consider this, removing a stump is like uprooting a tree. Not a regular DIY job, right? As stump removal Clearwater experts, we can assure you from lots of experience that it is not.  The best method to remove a stump it is to grind it down using heavy equipment, which we gladly use. Select Premier Clearwater Water Stump Removal Professionals At Prime-Scape Services, we don’t just remove your stump, we clear away the area and restore it. We have fully trained and insured crews who are experienced at the job. Let us know what your needs are, and we shall deliver. If you have an old stump wasting away on your premises or yard, make the call to our Clearwater stump removal crew, and we shall take care of the problem.

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