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It’s always sad to see the old tree in the yard cut down. All those moments spent with friends and family under the tree now a poignant memory. However, the grotesque eyesore of the leftover stump soon becomes an annoying remnant. What was once a magnificent oak is now reduced to an ugly stump of rotting wood.

At Prime-Scape Services, we understand the need to restore your yard back to its beauty after a tree removal. As Seminole stump removal professionals, we love giving you the pleasure of playing and hanging out in that same spot once again.


More Than Just A Stump Of  Seminole Wood

In case you figure the stump can just rot away, there are several factors you need to consider before ignoring the eyesore in your yard. By using our Seminole stump removal crews, you are doing more than just restoring your landscape.  What you are doing, in essence, is the following :


  1. Preventing Injury To Your Family

The old tree might have been cut down to avoid an unfortunate accident should it collapse in bad weather. Problem solved? Yes, but that’s not all there is to it. That stump of wood may not be as dangerous, but it can seriously injure any adult or child who unexpectedly trips over it. What’s more, they can sue you for negligence and demand compensation.


  1. Protecting Your Property From Pest Attacks

You have probably seen termites, ants, beetles, wood borers and countless other insects crawling all over an old stump. That’s because rotting wood is the ideal haven for insects. Once they multiply, your home will be the next stop. Getting rid of that stump is not an option, it will save your home or property a lot of termite damage and fumigation costs.


  1. Free Up Space

That old stump is doing more than being a danger to your property. It is also taking up space for nothing. If you live on a small property, you will need every square inch of your yard. Removing the stump gives you the freedom to move around, play, or put in a swing for the kids.


Why A Seminole Stump Removal Service?

Now that the stump has to go, you figure you can hack away at it during your off hours, right? Think again. Seminole stump removal is no walk in the park. Even with all those fancy DIY tools and an online manual, it takes experience, training, and heavy equipment to remove a stump properly.

Our expert crews are fully insured and trained in the use of heavy equipment, which can injure anyone if not used correctly. What’s more, they are landscaping professionals and will determine the best way to remove the stump and restore your yard.

By choosing Prime-Scape Services for your Seminole Stump removal, you are benefiting from decades of experience and expertise, as well as the latest tools and safety standards.

Your safety and property are precious, so do not take chances with either. Let the professionals do their job by calling our Seminole stump removal team today.


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