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Our Prime-Scape Services fertilizer and pest control professionals specialize in maintaining the natural beauty of your ornamental landscape with minimal waste of supplemental water, fertilizer or pesticides, saving you time and money.


We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control, monitor and treat insects, disease and weeds using the least toxic methods at our disposal. We adhere to Florida’s summertime fertilizer and pest control bans which vary by county and could potentially deprive healthy plants of nutrients when they’re needed most, threatening ornamental landscape and lawn.


Quality fertilization and pest control management uses a blend of chemicals formulated to control nine diseases of southern turf grasses and manage more than 40 species of insects which can infest lawn, shrubs and trees. All chemicals used by Prime-Scape Services are approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and are classified non-restrictive.

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Pest Control imagesA soil test is the best approach to starting a proper fertilization program. If inadequate nutrients are available in the soil, the growth and quality may be limited. Prime-Scape Services certified technicians will be able to add the lacking essential elements to the soil through fertilizer applications for a healthy insect and disease-free ornamental landscape and lawn. With frequent spraying, we achieve a beautiful well-maintained ornamental landscape and lawn, and when necessary, additional treatments are applied.


Our Prime-Scape Services technicians have FDACS certification and stay up-to-date with continuing education. We will be happy to discuss cost savings, features and benefits in creating a healthier and more beautiful ornamental landscape and lawn that’s more environmentally friendly. Your search for pest control near me is over, contact us today. 

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Slow-release Fertilizer

There are many benefits to consider from using a slow-release fertilizer instead of a quick-release fertilizer. We recommend this because slow-release fertilizers contain micronutrients that other fertilizers don’t, and it allows the nutrients to be absorbed gradually over time while also creating a cost savings to the consumer.

Maintaining a healthy lawn requires as many as seven different nutrients that are released in small quantities which are accomplished by coating the fertilizer with a substance that allows it to be released over time. Because slow-release fertilizers dissolve gradually, the nitrogen is not leached into the ground. Another important reason to use a slow-release fertilizer is that it is environmentally safe and friendly.

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