Tim Lockhart, CEO

Mr. Lockhart is the CEO for all Prime-Scape Services companies in Florida. Before moving to Tampa in 2012, Mr. Lockhart was an officer of Iowa Telecom for more than ten years in which he oversaw all facets of customer service, telemarketing, billing, collections, and human resources for a publically traded company (ticker IWA). Before joining Iowa Telecom in 2000, Mr. Lockhart held various leadership positions with the Menasha Corporation and Weyerhaeuser Company specializing in supporting domestic and international business units to achieve their human capital objectives.

He has a master’s degree from Arizona State University and has extensive experience in multiple industry sectors during the past 25 years.

A Letter to You

Prime-Scape Services companies and its employees want to thank you for putting your trust and confidence in us to meet all of your property management needs.

Prime-Scape Services is committed to being your long-term strategic partner in satisfying all your requirements. Our commitment to quality service, integrity, individual accountability, and teamwork is important to us in everything we do at Prime-Scape Services.

To us, these values are more than ideals to strive for, they are the guiding principles of our company, creating business relationships that yield sustained value for our customers.

We believe that it is your right to enjoy the benefits of this strategic partnership. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest level of service on the projects that you entrust us to deliver. As our valued customer, we are dedicated to providing integrated and customized solutions that are tailored to your unique needs.

It is with honor and pride that we thank each of you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you in all of your property needs.

-Tim Lockhart, CEO

Tim Lockhart CEO
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