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Commercial lawns are among the most inviting features of business environments and set the first impression for future clients and residents. The appearance of a commercial lawn care is important to the communities’ reputation, prospective clients and to the value of the property because a beautiful lawn will enhance any landscape. Lawns not only increase the aesthetic and economic value of the landscape, they also provide space for outdoor activities, aid in erosion control, filter pollutants, and provide oxygen.


lawn maintenance imagePrime-Scape lawn maintenance professionals save you time and money and extend the life of your properties’ landscape. We take a proactive approach with our clients taking the time to familiarize ourselves with your property. This gives our account managers the opportunity to ask important questions regarding the property, to review specifications of their site, and to clarify any questions and resolve any concerns you may have. Our professional account managers listen to what our clients are saying and are prepared to exceed their expectations.

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Prime-Scape Services’ landscape maintenance contracts offer a complete array of full maintenance commercial lawn options and lawn care services that include: mowing, pruning, hard-edging, weeding, mulching and clean up. None of our services are ever subcontracted out for irrigation, tree care, fertilization, insect and disease control. Prime-Scape is the best option for maintaining community landscapes, our service contracts ensure that suitable care for all plants, turf, shrubs, trees and palms are provided.


lawn maintenance imageOur dedicated team of 185 employees utilizes the state-of-the-art, full-featured hydro mower for fast, efficient cutting and mowing. Hydro mowers handle very tight spots and hillside terrain effectively with great visibility in and around landscape obstacles. Equipped with the most productive mowers available on the market, our service crews are up for the toughest jobs.

You can count on us for your commercial lawn care needs, including mobile home parks and other commercial locations. Your search for commercial lawn care service near me is over, contact us today for a complimentary consultation regarding your commercial lawn care needs.

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Exceptional Skill

Our account managers are certified horticulturist experts in the landscape maintenance field and specialize in soil, flowers, shrubs, palms, and trees. Their knowledge and training are vital to landscape problem-solving as well as soil and turf management. These qualities are what separate us from our competitors and help us exceed our client’s expectations.

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