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Pest Control in Pasco, Hernando & Pinellas

Peace of Mind Begins at Home

Your home is your castle, and only a door stands between you and unwanted pests. However, front doors alone are no match for bugs that are well-practiced in the art of trespassing. Prime-Scape Services protects your home from the inside out, beginning with the eradication of any indoor bugs or infestations present, continuing with a spray barrier around the home, and ending with a lawn treatment that both fertilizes your greenery while killing over 40 different species of insects. Our service is offered with the flexibility of contract-free options or treatment plans backed by our bug-free guarantee. We pride ourselves in providing integrated Pest Control and Lawn Care services that meet all your needs so you don’t have to deal with multiple service providers. Instead, you will gain peace of mind as you watch your lawn flourish while your house and yard remain pest-free, turning your castle into a fortress.

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Why Hire Prime-Scape Services for Your Pest Control?

You could roll the dice and hire a random Pest Control Company, hoping for the best outcome. Many of those companies may even be adequate in the services they provide. However, as indicated by our name, Prime-Scape Services strives for perfection, from taking the time to address your individual needs and concerns to ensuring our lawn treatments take care of any insects while still promoting the health of your lawn. Our dedicated Pest Control technicians get to know your property intimately so you receive the service that best meets your needs. If we cannot provide the results you are looking for, we are upfront and recommend a company that can. Our integrity is non-negotiable, and quality service is our expectation. We want every home to have the worry of pests taken away, so you can enjoy the peace of mind being at home should provide.

  • Free return service calls
  • Privately-held company, ensuring quality service
  • Dedicated technicians who get to know you and your property
  • Text messages letting you know when you receive service
  • We care and listen to your needs
  • Contract-free options available

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Our Bug-Free Guarantee

We stand behind the services we provide, guaranteeing you a pest-free home after a full treatment. Should this not be the case, we will return, free of charge, to eliminate any stragglers. Our name reflects our desire to provide the best possible quality in our services; Prime-Scape technicians strive for perfection, and in the case of your home, you shouldn’t accept anything less.

We Serve Your Community

Prime-Scape Services seeks to serve your community beyond pest control and lawn care by providing disadvantaged children scholarship funds to attend the YMCA, a place we admire for making a difference in the lives of so many of our youth. We take pride in our work, deal honestly in our relationships with clients, and sincerely care for the communities we serve. You can trust that a job done by us will get done correctly and that greed has no place in our business. We believe in sowing seeds back into the communities we serve by helping the most vulnerable, our children. These values foster dedication from our employees who prefer working for our company over any competition, and the results of this dedication are seen by the customers and communities we serve.

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Pest Control Service Pasco & North Pinellas

Any business owner who has ever faced a pest invasion understands the frustrations of this attack. If you entrust your pest control problem with a newbie, your business may not survive to tell the tale.  Pests build nests, burrow through foundations and walls, infest drinking water and damage roofing, paving and drains.  Damages can mount quickly if the right measures are not taken.

At Prime-Scape Services, we deploy tried and tested pest control tactics for the following reasons:

Pest Control is Not For Amateurs

The Pasco & North Pinellas area suffers from numerous attacks by rodents, termites, and cinch bugs among many others.  These infestations usually occur under the cover of vegetation or deep underground, making it almost impossible to detect the problem. By the time an unsuspecting property owner is aware of the problem, the damage to buildings and landscaping could be extensive.

Effective pest identification and control requires training and expertise that only experienced professionals possess.  Prime-Scape Services has accumulated decades of training and expertise that employs proven scientific and environmentally safe pest control methods.

Pests Can Be Expensive

The costs of pest prevention and control are nothing compared to the damage wrought on Pasco & North Pinellas properties by pests. What’s more, your business may face fines and remain closed until the pests inside your establishment are completely eradicated, adding to your losses.  While most insects are usually harmless, it is important to routinely inspect your vegetation and buildings for signs of a pest invasion.

Hiring a pest control expert can save you thousands of dollars by stopping a pest attack in good time. Preventative steps such as tree removal, pruning, removal of nests and setting up traps can forestall a pest infestation before it causes significant damage.

Pests Endanger Human Health

Hundreds of contagious diseases can be spread by pests if given a free run of your property.  Houseflies transmit cholera, salmonellosis, typhoid and dysentery, while rats carry Hantavirus, bubonic plague and other serious infections.  Many other insects also cause fatal injuries and allergic reactions when they bite or sting. As a result, commercial buildings such as offices, schools, and hospitals are especially at risk due to their high visitor numbers.

Protect your business and home from these dangers by retaining a dedicated pest control professional from Prime-Scape Services today.

Safeguard Yourself And The Environment

Exterminating pests usually involves the use of toxic pesticides. For this reason, extreme care must be taken when applying such chemicals.  This includes sticking to the right dosages, wearing protective gear, and using proper equipment. We have personnel who are highly trained in safe and environmentally sound pest control. Pasco & North Pinellas commonly experiences the risk of poisoning and contamination of drinking water when DIY pest control jobs result in the misuse of toxic pesticides. Hiring a professional is the best way to protect the environment and ensure that toxic pesticides are used only as a last resort.

Get in touch with us today for affordable and effective pest control service. Ask us for a routine inspection or extermination if you suspect that a pest infestation is afoot on your property.

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