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Pest Control Dunedin FL

Pest Control Dunedin FL can be a complicated problem if the right techniques are not employed. Centipedes, spiders, ticks, moths, crickets and other insects are a terrible nuisance to visitors on commercial and residential properties and can destroy your business reputation.

Pests also pose a risk to property and health if left unchecked. For this reason, Prime-Scape services use the latest pest control measures to ensure the following hazards from pests are eliminated from your property:

  1. Insect and Rodent-Borne Illness

Rat-bite disease, malaria, Zika, Hantavirus, and salmonella are just a few of increasingly fatal diseases borne by insects and rodents such as rats and mice. Pest Control Dunedin FL measures can ensure your family and visitors are safe from the risk of these severe diseases.

  1. High Costs of Property Repairs after Pest Attacks

Pests such as termites and ants attack in large numbers, eating away at wooden structures, roofing, flooring, and furniture. The damage caused may remain hidden for years, and only detected when extensive damage has already occurred. The cost of eradicating embedded termite infestations and subsequent property reconstruction can be immense.

  1. Damage to Landscaping and Vegetation

Although many property owners fear pest damage to their buildings, the destruction of vegetation can also be a costly problem. Commercial landscaping on large properties may be ruined y insect-borne plant diseases. This may result in lost business, customer dissatisfaction, and high costs of new landscaping.

Why You Should Consult a Pest Control Dunedin FL Expert

  1. Benefit from Integrated Pest Control

Prime-Scape Services uses integrated approaches to combat pest infestations. This strategy involves risk assessment, pest identification, efficient insect treatment methods and prevention tactics. Such an approach guarantees total pest eradication at the lowest cost. It also aims to prevent infestations before they occur. 

  1. Protect Human Life and Health

Pest control can be dangerous when dealing with stinging insects such as bees or wasps. Injuries can also occur from rodent bites and scratches, which also transmit rabies and other diseases. Additionally, the handling of pesticides and other toxic chemicals can be hazardous to human and pet health. Hiring a professional ensures standard safety procedures are followed, including the use of proper safety gear and equipment.

  1. Benefit from Follow-up Visits

Prime-Scape Services offers follow-up inspections after pest control measures are carried out. Without these visits, an unsuccessful pest treatment exercise can grow into another fully fledged infestation. This will result in higher insect treatment costs and lost business revenues.

  1. Save Time and Money

If you choose DIY pest control, bear in mind that every subsequent failure is a waste of your time and hard-earned money. Rather than spend more money on pesticides, opt for a trained and certified professional to finish the job once and for all. After all, you have better things to do than fighting swarms of life-threatening killer bees.

If you notice any signs of a pest infestation such as nests, eggs, or droppings, call us today and let us assess the risk of an outbreak. This will save you thousands of dollars by preventing a full infestation.

Pest Control Dunedin

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