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Pests enter commercial and residential properties under cover of buildings, shrubs, trees, and other vegetation.  Termites, ants and other burrowing insects also hide underground and out of sight where it’s difficult to detect them.  At Prime Scape Services, our pest control Holiday FL crews are well trained and adept at identifying a pest invasion well before it becomes unmanageable.

We are here to help! And here’s why:

Bugs Are Smart

As top pest control Holiday FL professionals, we know that most property owners only detect a pest invasion when it’s well established. Furthermore, pests come in numerous forms and shapes, making it difficult to tell them apart from harmless insects on your property.  It takes regular inspections by pest control Holiday FL professionals at Prime Scape services to effectively prevent pest attacks and minimize property damage and extermination costs.

Pests Cause Damage

Termites, cinch bugs, carpenter ants and other insects are capable of inflicting costly damage to buildings. Termites in particular are responsible for expensive property repairs each year, while nesting rodents and birds ruin roofing, drainages, and landscaping.  Hiring expert pest control Holiday FL professionals can save your property from expensive damage caused by unchecked pests.

Pests Carry Disease

Bedbugs and mosquitoes are guaranteed to give you and your family sleepless nights. Even worse, these bugs and their kin are always at hand to infect you with serious diseases including malaria, typhus fever, meningitis, and Zika. Ignoring a pest invasion may save you a few bucks, but over time, the life and safety of your family will be at risk.

Pest Control Is Messy

It is all too common for inexperienced property owners to give up a DIY pest control Holiday FL job once they realize how difficult and time consuming it can be.  By then, lots of time and effort have been wasted tearing up grounds to stop a termite invasion, or to trace a carpenter ant infestation.  Clearing bushes, trimming trees, and dismantling insect nests is a messy business that is best handled by a trained expert.  Save time and energy by letting us take the tough work off your hands.

Pest Control Holiday FL Can Be Dangerous

Pests don’t take it kindly when property owners tear up their nests.  Bees, wasps, ants, and hornets will fight back with deadly consequences when disturbed. Pest attacks can cause major injuries to anyone on your property if safety measures are not taken.  At Prime Scape services, we are experienced at exterminating all types of pests with minimal risk to occupants on your property.

We Save You Money

If you thought pest control Holiday FL is expensive,  try doing it on your own.  The wrong approach to pest control can end up costing thousands of dollars in wasted expenses.  Many property owners use the wrong pesticides, or apply them inappropriately, leading to failure. What’s more, it may take several weeks to realize the mistake,  by which time pests have wrought even more damage to your property.

Prime-Scape Services will conduct thorough inspection of your Holiday FL property before recommending appropriate pest control measures.  Call is today if you notice any sign of a pest attack on your property before it’s too late.

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