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Tree removal is a tedious job that requires careful planning and execution. However, it always seems like it’s started all over again when it comes to removing the stump. It’s easy to assume your job is done until you realize that big and ugly stump has to go. You just can’t leave it there to rot, can you? At Prime-Scape Services, we have helped many business and property owners with St Petersburg stump removal services. Many of our clients at first thought it is a tough DIY task until they got fed up of wasting precious time on the backbreaking job. Fortunately, we offer full-scale tree service and commercial landscaping services, so we are always glad to help.  

Why A St Petersburg Stump Removal Service?

If you there is a stump on your property and are thinking it’s best left alone, you may need to think twice. Even a small stump tucked away under the grass can be a significant hazard to your property. So why remove stumps from your yard? Here are a few reasons for that:  
  1. Stumps Look Awful

There is no doubt that a stump left to decay on your property is an eyesore. If the stump is on your business premises, it goes without saying that your clientele will think something is amiss with your management style. For homeowners, a tree stump in your yard stands in stark contrast to your carefully tended lawns and gardens. Simply put, great landscaping and decaying tree stumps don’t match.  
  1. Stumps Are An Insect’s Best friend

In case you are wondering, all those ants and termites came from that decaying stump in the yard corner.  Stumps offer insects and other pests the perfect dwelling. Ample food and good cover all under one roof. What else could a pest ask for? Save yourself the trouble of dealing with pesky critters by engaging a stump removal St Petersburg professional.  
  1. Stumps Can Hurt You

Yes, literally. A trip and fall over a stump can give you a nasty bruise, or land you a trip to the ER. Think of the children running around the yard, and you get an idea of the danger posed by the stump. And if one of the neighbor’s kids gets injured, a lawsuit is pretty likely to follow.  

Why US?

Getting us to tackle the whole process for you, from tree removal, stump removal, and final landscaping can save you lots of time and most times, money. We are experts at the job, and employ the best and time tested methods at every task. It ensures your property is up and running as soon as possible. More importantly, you get beautifully created landscaping that’s an asset to your business or home value. If you have property in the St Petersburg area with a decaying stump, give us a call. Our tree service team of fully insured and experienced crew will evaluate your needs and provide the simplest and most affordable solution.

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