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Are you looking for tree removal services in Oldsmar, FL? We are proud to provide safe and efficient tree removal services that work to preserve your property and attract attention.

At Prime-Scape Services, we understand that the threat of hurricanes is real, and the worst thing you can do is make pruning changes to an unhealthy tree. While we try to do everything possible to preserve your trees, some cases require professional tree removal.

Our team will come quickly and assess the condition of your tree and will perform all the services of Oldsmar, FL related to the necessary trees while staying in the budget!

Tree Removal Services; Stay Safe!

Believe it or not, there is a strategic method that we use with regard to tree removal services in the City of Oldsmar. Extracting a tree is not only dangerous for you, but also for your property. That’s why only a professional tree removal company should accomplish this arduous task!

At Prime-Scape Services, we’ve spent years perfecting the art of tree removal services and yes, it’s as much art as it is skill!

Our technicians are trained to use the best of the best tree cutting tools and processes, which gives a safe and satisfying overall result for you the customer and our employees.

Do not trust your tree removal to anyone other than our team at Prime-Scape Services!

Tree Removal in Oldsmar FL

At Prime-Scape Services, we try to keep things simple, especially with regards to tree removal. Just follow the process below, and you’ll be well on your way:

  1. Call us and ask for a free estimate for tree service in Oldsmar FL. This is the first step and will allow one of our tree care specialists to schedule a time to review your problem and cite the best course of action.
  2. Once you have accepted the price and terms, we will plan your tree removal by trying to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.
  3. When your work is planned, we do not ask you to be present during the rooting process of the tree. Our technicians are well trained and ensure safe tree removal in Oldsmar FL. Our team of Prime-Scape Services cuts, stacks and removes the pieces of the tree(s) safely.

If you need it, our tree removal experts can also perform stump grinding within 1 or 2 working days. A portable grinder or towing mill would cut the stump directly into fine chips, leaving the area where the tree was as sawdust which we would remove as well.

At Prime-Scape Services, our tree removal team is the best choice for quality, safety, and price for all of Oldsmar FL’s needs and for your tree servicing needs.

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