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Note: All applicants are required to pass a background check and/or drug screening.

  • (Please note a yes answer will not bar you from employment)


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    Please select the equipment you can successfully operate. Please indicate your skill level next to each piece of machinery. Please note, that before you are hired you will be required to pass a skill test on the knowledge of the equipment, and if you can operate the equipment safely and in accordance with company standards.
  • No experience

    You have never operated this equipment.
  • Intermediate experience

    You have operated this type/similar machinery. You know how to check fuel and oil levels and have enough knowledge to know when maintenance needs to be performed. Can successfully operate equipment in normal conditions. Less than 3 years experience.
  • Skilled experience

    You have operated this type/similar equipment. You can perform basic preventative maintenance and can identify all parts of the machinery. Can successfully operate equipment in tight or confined places safely. Have 3 years or more experience.
  • By typing my name here, I confirm that all the information provided on this application is true and correct.
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In the event your application is accepted, the next phase of the process is skill testing. During this 30-45 minute testing you may or may not be asked to do the following tasks:

  • Turn on/off equipment
  • Operate or drive equipment for short distances
  • Locate filters, oil, safety switches, other parts on the machinery, etc.
  • You may be asked what type of oil should be used (hand held tools)
  • Change out or tighten blades
  • And any other questions deemed appropriate by training staff.

Please note: A liability waiver must be signed before participation in the skill training. Although Prime-Scape does not require or force participation in the training, the company reserves the right to seek other candidates without allowing another avenue to test the skill level of an applicant.

Prime-Scape Services is an equal opportunity employer. 

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