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Prepare Your Trees for Hurricane Season

In a little over two months, hurricane season will officially begin. To prepare, have your tree pruning company assess the trees on your property now. Although wind is often a primary cause of damage to roofs and homes, trees which have been damaged by wind may also do significant damage. And it doesn’t take hurricane-strength winds to bring down a tree branch or a whole tree.

Proper Pruning Includes More than Removing Dead Branches

Most homeowners understand the dangers of dead fronds or tree branches and that cutting off a dead branch will improve the look of the tree. It also improves the health of the tree. Whether it’s a palm, a live oak or one of the other species of trees in our area, when you hire a tree pruning company to trim it properly, they’ll do more than just remove dead branches. Depending on the tree species, here are other things they may do:

  • Thin the canopy of the tree to allow wind to move through it more easily, which reduces the chance of a gust toppling a tree.
  • Remove branches throughout the tree to help it stay healthier longer.
  • Determine whether the tree would benefit from bracing or cabling.
  • Identify any infestation or illness within the tree before disease destroys it or spreads to nearby trees.

Your Tree Pruning Company Can Help Reduce Your Liability

Did you know if a tree is on your property but the winds cause the tree or its branches to fall and damage a neighbor’s property that you’re liable? When your tree pruning company works on the trees around your home, they’ll let you know when branches (or even entire trees) could endanger your home or a neighbor’s. Although wind can tear shingles off a roof, a large tree branch can rip through a home, causing significant damage to property and people inside.

Call Prime-Scape Services for Complete Tree Services

We offer complete tree services throughout the Tampa Bay area. Whether you’re looking for a one-time service call to remove a dead branch or an entire tree, our certified arborists are ready to assist. Don’t risk your safety, property or trees by ignoring their maintenance; call Prime-Scape Services today at (727) 447-2186 to schedule your appointment.

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