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Why Consider Secure Commercial Vehicle Storage

Whether your business has a fleet of vehicles or just one, it is important to store them somewhere safe when not in use. Keeping them in your driveway or in front of your home may not be the best solution. When you choose a secure commercial vehicle storage facility, your property is safer.

Your work vehicle may have tools, inventory or even items belonging to customers, all things that are enticing to a thief. In 2019, Tampa police reported an increase in vehicle break-ins and thefts. This increase was enough that the Tampa Police Department conducted a “Tag-It Initiative” to educate residents about potential invitations their vehicles posed to burglars.

Limited Access and Monitored

Before deciding on a storage facility for your commercial vehicles, tour the lot and facilities. The entire property should be gated with either a keycard or code for access so that each entry and exit can be tracked. A camera system will further deter someone from tampering with your property.

Time and Effort Saving

If you have ladders on top of your van or visible items in the cab, you won’t need to go through the effort of removing them like you should when you leave your vehicle on the street or in your driveway. Part of the “Tag-It Initiative” informed owners about items left in plain sight which invite burglars to break into vehicles. With a monitored and secure commercial vehicle storage facility, your vehicle has less visibility and access, and there is also constant surveillance which deters would-be criminals.

No HOA Issues

When you keep your commercial vehicle in your driveway, you may be inadvertently violating an HOA regulation. Many communities ban commercial vehicles because of their size and others ban them because of limited parking. Sometimes the restriction is solely based on appearances, but whatever your community’s reasons for restricting commercial vehicles parked overnight, a secure commercial vehicle storage facility solves this problem.

Prime-Scape Services Offers Secure Commercial Vehicle Storage

If you need to store your commercial vehicle safely for any length of time, Prime-Scape Services offers secure commercial vehicle storage. Our fenced lot can only be accessed by tenants and is monitored 24-7. If you’d like to learn more about our facility in Hudson, Florida, call us at (727)447-2186 to learn more about storing your commercial vehicle.

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