Boat and RV Storage

Benefits of Using a Boat and RV Storage Facility

Many who own recreational vehicles such as boats and recreational vehicles (RVs) live in deed-restricted communities which forbid long-term storage of such vehicles on the property. In communities such as this, residents are required to use off-site storage. But, even if off-site storage is not required by your neighborhood, there are still many benefits to using a reputable, monitored and secure facility for your boat or RV. Here are a few benefits storages facilities offer.


A good boat and RV storage facility will have several layers of security. First, these facilities are gated with access through either a keycard or coded keypad so the facility managers know exactly who accessed the property and when. Second, secure sites will often have cameras monitoring the comings and goings on the property. They also utilize cameras throughout the facility. Many facilities are also staffed throughout the majority of the day which adds another level of security.


Whether you have a boat or an RV, parking these vehicles in your driveway or in your yard takes up space. If you’re unable to park your cars in your garage or driveway because of other equipment, they are at a greater risk for break-ins or weather damage. If your recreational equipment is stored in a facility instead of at your home, your driveway and garage once again become available to keep your everyday vehicles safe and nearby.

Less Wear and Tear on Your Driveway

This is especially true when it comes to your RV. Although some travel trailers weigh only about 2,500 pounds, a fifth wheel can weigh ten times that! A large motor home may weigh as much as 30,000 pounds. Your driveway wasn’t built to sustain that weight, especially over long periods. When you evaluate the cost of replacing your driveway against the storage for your RV or boat, you’ll find that boat and RV storage is an affordable option.


Your kids may know better than to climb on the boat sitting in your driveway, but other children in the neighborhood may not always have the same sense of respect. Having a boat on a trailer sitting out is an invitation to climb and explore. If a child climbs up and in and is trapped under the boat cover on a hot day, the results could be tragic. Your RV may not tempt climbers, but you don’t want kids crawling under it or exploring it. Not only will your personal property be safer if stored, but so will those in your neighborhood.

If you’re looking for secure storage for your RV or boat, Prime-Scape Services has convenient boat and RV storage in Hudson, Florida. It’s well-lit, completely fenced, and monitored 24-7. You can access it anytime through our secure entrance. We also offer storage for commercial vehicles. Call (727) 447-2186 to learn more about availability, rates and bundling options.

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