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Is it Time for an Irrigation Inspection?

Because rain in our area is so unpredictable, many of us have irrigation systems in place for our properties. Often, these are installed when the home is built even before landscaping is installed. This may mean your system isn’t quite right for your yard as it is today. On the other hand, if your system does have proper coverage, it may lack rain sensing technology or the sensors may no longer work. That’s why it’s a good idea to request a regular irrigation inspection from a professional.

How an Irrigation Inspection Saves Money

Irrigation pipes underground can crack or break. You may not even know you have a problem. If this happens, you’re not only wasting water, but the above ground heads may not be getting the water pressure they need to do the job right. An irrigation inspection can determine if your system has an issue without digging up your grass.

If your system installation was prior to your landscaping installation or before it matured, it’s likely it could benefit from some tweaks. You may need to add a pop-up head or replace some directional heads. These small changes can help your plants and trees receive the water they need without over-watering or missing significant chunks of your property, both of which can harm your landscaping.


When was the last time you calibrated your system? An irrigation inspection should include calibration. Calibration helps make sure each sprinkler head is watering the zone at the same rate. This ensures that each area in the zone is watered appropriately and that under- or over-watering is not occurring.

New Irrigation Systems

Although it’s true that the pipes under your grass haven’t changed much in the past few decades, there are changes in the systems themselves. Today’s modern irrigation systems include technology which better sense rainfall amounts. Some even receive weather radar information and shut the system off to account for pending rainfall. These systems are both fiscally and environmentally responsible, allowing you not to waste water before or during rain showers. A new system doesn’t require replacing the underground pipes.

If you don’t have an irrigation company inspecting or maintaining your system, call Prime-Scape Services at (727) 447-2186 to talk to one of our professionals or to schedule your irrigation inspection. We’ll calibrate your system so you get the best coverage.

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