pressure washing walk ways

The Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Property

Part of your home’s regular maintenance should include hiring a pressure washing company or doing it yourself a few times a year. Perhaps the most apparent benefit is the increased curb appeal your home will have after a thorough cleaning. However, that’s not the only benefit you’ll see.

Regular Pressure Washing Prevents Staining

Your home’s exterior, patio deck, walkways and driveway are all exposed to the elements. When you don’t have a pressure washing company clean them, stains from bird droppings, dirt, decaying insects, mold, and leaks from your car can leave unsightly marks. With regular pressure washing, much of the dirt and other environmental elements can be removed before they become permanent stains.

It Helps Your Pool Stay Cleaner

Every time the wind blows or it rains, dirt finds its way onto every surface around your home. When your pool deck is clean, less dirt washes into your pool. A benefit of pressure washing your pool deck is less pool maintenance and cleaner filters. This will help your pool have a longer life.

Protects Your Driveway

Concrete is porous and alkaline based. When acids contact your driveway, they are absorbed and begin deteriorating the concrete. One of the most common acids throughout Tampa Bay is saltwater. You may not pour saltwater on your driveway, but every time you park in a sandy parking area along the beaches, and even when you drive our local roads, your tires pick up salt. When it’s deposited on your driveway and it rains, the acid in the salt can damage the concrete. Many of the necessary fluids in your car can also stain and corrode your driveway which is another great reason to have a pressure washing company clean your driveway in addition to your home.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Curb appeal matters when you’re selling your home. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, a home with a clean and well maintained exterior can sell by as much as 5% more than a home with a dirty exterior.

Prime-Scape Services provides total property pressure washing. We understand the importance of protecting your landscaping and personal property and always take the necessary steps to safeguard your property. If you’re looking for a fully insured pressure washing company, call us today at (727) 447-2186 or fill out our contact form.


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