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Hire a Pressure Washing Company or Do it Yourself

Pressure washing is a home maintenance task which takes dedicated time and the right tools if you want to do it correctly and safely. Often, homeowners waver between the do-it-yourself route or hiring a pressure washing company to handle the entire process. There are several things you may want to consider as you make this choice for yourself.

Owning a Pressure Washer

Owning a pressure washer to do it yourself is just like owning any other piece of equipment. You’ll need to store it and maintain it regularly. Plus, you’ll need to know how to use it properly to do the job right. Do you have the right tips to do each piece of your property correctly so as not to cause damage? If you’re thinking about renting a pressure washer, you will need to transport it and determine the correct rental period ahead of time. If your time estimate is off, you may pay for time you didn’t use the pressure washer or you may need to return the equipment before the job is completed.

Proper Use

Pressure washers can be dangerous if used incorrectly. The water comes out at such a high pressure that you can cut yourself with water. Depending on your home’s exterior, you can also damage siding, roofing or windows and literally peel the paint off your home if done incorrectly.


You may look at your home, driveway or pool deck and think that you can get the job done in a few hours. However, to do a thorough job, it may take the majority of the day to complete smaller portions. If you don’t have the time to devote to doing the job completely, hiring a pressure washing company may be a better option.

Should You Hire a Pressure Washing Company?

If you’re going to need to invest in a pressure washer, are concerned about damaging your home, or don’t have the time to do a quality job, hire a pressure washing company. The time spent to choose an insured pressure-washing company with a great reputation will be well worth it!

Prime-Scape Services offers pressure washing as one of our many property maintenance services. We have the right equipment and trained professionals who can get the job done right. If you’re looking for an insured pressure washing company with a great reputation in Pasco or Pinellas County, call Prime-Scape Services at (727) 447-2186 and ask for an estimate.

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