Palm Tree Maintenance

The Importance of Palm Tree Maintenance

Because we’re in the Clearwater – St. Pete and surrounding area, it’s almost a given that you have at least one palm tree on your property. You want them to look great as your trees reflect on your home’s appearance. Cutting off the dead fronds isn’t enough. Proper palm tree maintenance benefits the tree in many ways.

Palm Cleaning After Trimming Looks Better

Have you ever looked at a professionally maintained property at a high-end resort or golf course? The palms look clean and flawless. That’s because they don’t just lop off the branches — they perform a technique called palm cleaning. Palm cleaning will prevent the unkempt, hairy look that may occur without maintenance and should be done a few months after pruning to ensure that the tree is healing and will look great.

Proper Palm Tree Maintenance Keeps the Trees Healthy

Yes, you can hurt the tree when you don’t maintain it. Leaving dead fronds and branches adds unnecessary weight to the tree. When a dead branch or frond falls off, it leaves a place for rodents to make a home which can damage the tree. Additionally, old, dead branches on the tree can stunt new growth or damage new fronds from growing.

Prevents Property Damage

Have you ever felt the weight of a live palm branch? Some are quite heavy. Imagine the damage they can do banging against your home during a wind storm. It’s not out of the question that they could damage siding and break windows. If a branch rubs across your roof, it can remove granules from an asphalt shingle roof or even move clay or concrete tiles, both of which can lead to a roof leak and water damage.

Remove a Potential Fire Hazard

Dried-out palm fronds are a fire hazard. No one expects a fire to break out near them but when it happens, the fuzzy ends from an improperly maintained palm tree and dead fronds on the tree are excellent fuel sources. Don’t risk providing fuel for an errant spark from your neighbor’s fire pit or neighborhood fireworks.

There are many reasons beyond great curb appeal to keep all the trees and shrubs on your property well-maintained. If you’re looking for an ISA Certified Arborist for your palm tree maintenance and more, contact Prime-Scape Services for an inspection of your trees and assessment of their health. Call (727) 447-2186 or fill out our contact form today.

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