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Why Pest Control is Essential for Your Yard

There are over 12,000 insect types in Florida. Thankfully, not all of them damage your yard. The biggest culprits of yard damage in the Tampa Bay area are grubs, armyworms, chinch bugs, and sod worms. Although fire ants, fleas and ticks don’t do much actual damage to your yard, they’re also insects you don’t want to see in your yard. Your yard care company should include pest control in their treatments. This way you will eliminate unwanted pests and protect your yard and your family, including family members with four legs.

Signs of Pest Damage

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between issues of poor soil nutrients, lack of water, and insect damage. Here are a few signs that point to insects as the cause of your yard’s trouble:

  • Ragged looking grass blades
  • Brown spots on grass blades
  • Thin patches of grass previously healthy
  • Brown patches in an otherwise healthy lawn
  • Grass that is easy to pull out
  • Bald spots in your yard that appear quickly

Although there are many other signs, these are the most common and easily identifiable. Another potential sign of insect damage is when your landscape shrubs are suddenly stripped of leaves. This is because most insects eat both grass and leaves.

Not All Yard Care Companies Control Pests

This is a common misunderstanding by homeowners. Most think that their yard care company’s treatments include pest control. Not all do. You need to work with a yard care company who provides pest control and also improves the condition of your grass. It’s great having healthy grass, but healthy grass is attractive to pests which makes having pest control included in your yard treatments essential if you want to maintain a beautiful yard.

Prime-Scape Services Can Help

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system comprehensively treats weeds, kills insects, and ensures there are proper nutrients in the soil. We do what we can to protect the environment and your family by using the least toxic chemicals and by abiding by all Florida laws regarding pesticides and fertilizers. If you’re ready for a yard care company who treats your whole yard, call Prime-Scape Services at (727) 447-2186 for your free estimate.

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