The Importance of Pool Maintenance

Whether you use your pool every day or only once in a while, it still must be maintained. Some pool maintenance needs to happen frequently, and other types of maintenance are more occasional. When both small and large pool maintenance tasks aren’t carried out, your pool doesn’t look good and you’ll end up with more frequent issues. Here are some things that happen when you don’t regularly maintain your pool.

Neglecting Your Pool Filters

There are two main types of pool filters. The first, and easiest to take care of, are the skimmer baskets. When these aren’t cleaned daily, you’ll end up with debris decomposing. If the skimmer baskets get too full, they may actually impact the pool circulation system’s function. The larger filter in your pump can become clogged as well. When it’s clogged, it is less effective and bacteria grows, water becomes cloudy and eventually your pool pump may break.

The Dangers of Ignoring Pool Chemicals

No matter what type of pool you have, it needs chemicals. The chemicals keep the pool free of bacteria and safer for swimmers. Ignoring any one of the four elements you need to watch in your pool can have disastrous effects. What can happen when your pool chemicals aren’t monitored and maintained?

  • Pool finish deterioration – This occurs when you aren’t monitoring the pH levels in your water. The pH value is the measure of the acidity of the water. Your pool’s finish may deteriorate in high-acid water.
  • Eye irritation – When there’s too much chlorine, or low pH, it irritates eyes.
  • Filter damage – Filters need to be replaced periodically, but they’ll last longer when your pool water chemicals are balanced.
  • Mechanical breakdowns – Just like anything else around your home, poor maintenance leads to breakdowns. This holds true for your pool chemicals as well.

Regular Maintenance is Key

Not only will regular maintenance make for a more comfortable pool to swim in and a healthier swimming environment, but it will also help your pool and all its parts last longer. If you don’t have the knowledge or time to regularly perform pool maintenance, call Prime-Scape Services. We offer a wide variety of exterior home services including pool maintenance. Reach us at (727) 447-2186 or fill out our contact form.


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