Avoid These Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

If you’re handling all your pool maintenance yourself, you’ve likely discovered it takes a lot of time. However, because improper maintenance leads to mechanical breakdowns, deterioration of the pool, as well as unsafe swimming, it is worth the commitment. Here are some of the most common pool maintenance mistakes homeowners make if they don’t hire a pool maintenance service.

Shocking Mistakes

We couldn’t help using this play on words, but the pool maintenance mistakes you make with your shock can have some “shocking” results. First, you should never add shock directly to the pool skimmer. Many people think that adding it there will help circulate it faster. Sadly, this mistake will damage your pump and the filter. In fact, if you’re using powdered shock, you may even cause a chemical reaction that leads to a small explosion! Powdered shock should always be mixed with water per the instructions before adding it to your pool and never to the skimmer. We also advise you to add your shock to your pool when there isn’t direct sunlight, if possible. Although quality shock has stabilizers, the sun will still break down your chlorine faster in the sun than if you add it while your pool is in the shade.

Too Frequent or Infrequent Backwashing

There’s a balance between backwashing your system too often and not often enough. If you don’t do it often enough, you’ll have debris in your pool and it will be harder to keep the chemicals balanced. Doing it too often can ironically make the filters work less effectively. Plus doing it more than about twice a month wastes water. Your filter system has a gauge that tells you when it’s time to backwash so pay attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines and do it only when it needs it.

Improper Cleaning

In addition to backwashing your system and cleaning out the skimmer baskets, there are other regular maintenance tasks you should be doing. One such task is brushing down the side of the pool. Although this isn’t a daily task, you should brush the sides about once a week and skipping this is a common pool maintenance mistake. This prevents contaminant and algae build up which can lead to a dirty pool. Brush the sides of the pool before you see algae or dirt to keep your pool healthy.

Once the sides are brushed, make sure to run the vacuum to remove any loosened debris and clean the bottom. Debris on the bottom of your pool can damage the lining and leave stains. Don’t forget to keep your pool deck clean too. Using a broom regularly to remove debris and a pressure washer when necessary will keep dirt out of your pool.

If you’re overwhelmed by your pool maintenance and the time it takes, let the professionals at Prime-Scape Services help you with your pool maintenance. Whether you’re looking for pool repair or assistance on an ongoing basis, we can help. Call us today at (727) 447-2186 or fill out our contact form.

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