Supporting Suncoast YMCA

Prime-Scape continues its philanthropic goals in 2019. For the past two years, Tim Lockhart and his wife, Lori Lockhart, have been encouraged by the North Pinellas YMCA’s mission and contributions to the community. With this being their second year of donating $20,000 to the organization, Prime-Scape is considered a pacesetter encouraging other companies to do the same. A part of this year’s donation to the North Pinellas YMCA was used to purchase swim platforms, so it has come full circle considering Prime-Scape’s growth into pool services. 

Donations to the YMCA go toward five programs: scholarships, a diabetes prevention program, the Livestrong program, Mainstream Adults Sharing Hope (MASH), and free swim lessons to children at various times of the year. To learn more about the North Pinellas YMCA, please visit: 

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