10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Arborist

If you love taking care of your property, odds are you are an enthusiastic DIY landscaper. After all, why hire help when you can roll up your sleeves and do your Clearwater commercial landscaping on your own? Well, not so fast. Before the age of professional arborists, that would have been the sensible thing to do. Today, tree services are both an art and science that requires training, experience and the right equipment.

As premier Florida landscaping experts, we know a whole lot about trees. Whether it’s a Tampa Bay commercial irrigation, a Pinellas pest control, or Clearwater commercial property maintenance, we see a lot of well-intentioned DIY efforts gone wrong. Think about it; your commercial landscaping is at the forefront of your business success, so why take chances?


Who Are Professional Arborists And What Do They Do?

An Arborist, also known as arboriculturist, is a person trained and experienced in the art and science of cultivating, maintaining, and caring for trees. Arborists are knowledgeable in trimming and pruning trees, identifying plant diseases and pests, as well as advising property owners on the care and maintenance of different tree species.

Arborists work with residential and large commercial clients such as universities to undertake commercial property maintenance and landscaping. It involves a broad range of services such as commercial lawn care, commercial irrigation, pest control, and other tree services. The expertise that arborists provide is of immense benefit to your business performance and adds intrinsic value to your property. The selection of your Pinellas tree services expert is, therefore, not a decision to be taken lightly.


Why Hire A Commercial Property Maintenance Professional?

If you are considering a DIY job on your commercial property, first check out the following ten reasons why you should hire a professional arborist.


  1. Keep Your Trees Perfectly Manicured

Maintaining the right appearance and shape of a tree is a skillful art. Trees take a long time to grow, which leaves no room for amateurish experimentation. Just like going to the hairdresser’s, you want to have your hair trimmed the first time correctly. Arborists have experience working with different species of trees, which allows them to predict growth patterns and decide which branches to prune. If you want your Clearwater commercial landscaping done right, then call a professional arborist.


  1. Diagnose And Treat Disease And Infections

Trees get infected by various diseases, some of which can cause severe damage to your landscaping. Unless you are a fully qualified arborist, you will likely discover the problem when it’s too late. Arborists can provide early detection and treatment of tree infections, and save you from unnecessary Tampa Bay tree removals.


  1. Prevent Injuries And Accidents

Hiring an arborist can be a lifesaving decision when you consider the risks involved in trimming and cutting trees. Climbing a tree can be dangerous if a branch breaks off or you slip and fall. Cutting a tree near power lines can lead to electrocution should you accidentally hit a cable. Additionally, tree and stump removals also involve heavy machinery which can cause injuries if mishandled. Arborists are trained to avoid such risks and damage to property. Moreover, they are fully insured and come with the latest protective gear.


  1. Prevent Lawsuits Against You

Commercial landscaping services can have legal risks few people may fully appreciate. For example, a Clearwater tree removal which accidentally ends up damaging your neighbor’s house can lead to an expensive lawsuit. The same applies if the roots of your tree damage your neighbor’s property. Similarly, if you hire an unqualified person and they get injured, you might be liable.


  1. Stop Your Trees From Falling In Bad Weather

A certified Pinellas tree services expert is better placed to assess the health and condition of your trees. Trees that are likely to fall can be trimmed or removed, preventing the risk of injury or damage to property that may occur if a strong wind brings the tree down. By carefully monitoring your trees, an arborist will also ensure that no tree will die or get chopped down unnecessarily. Hiring a professional arborist saves your trees’ lives.


  1. Stop Pest Attacks

Aside from detecting tree infections, a Tampa Bay commercial property maintenance professional is skilled at preventing pest attacks. Ants, termites and other destructive pests usually use trees as a shelter before invading your property. Arborists are trained to detect and stop pests before they cause costly damage to your home.


  1. Add Value To Your Property

In a tight real estate market, the state of your landscaping can make all the difference. It takes years to perfect a great landscape around a property. All that hard work is a substantial investment as far as your property value is concerned. Commercial landscaping services also benefit your business by making you stand out and look attractive to customers.


  1. Save Money In The Long Run

As mentioned before, landscaping is a delicate art that takes years to craft and perfect. If you hire an inexperienced person or do the job yourself, you might make costly errors that will require a complete overhaul of your landscaping. Even slight mistakes, such as planting trees in the wrong spot can cost lots of money to rectify. Hire a Clearwater tree services expert to avoid losing money.


  1. Select The Right Trees

Just because you like a particular species of tree does not mean it will grow well on your property. It takes a professional arborist to identify the right tree species that will do well in a particular climate and soil condition. An arborist will also ensure your trees will grow on your property without damaging other structures such as utilities, walls, pavements or roofs.


  1. Benefit From The Best Equipment

Commercial property maintenance specialists use the best and latest equipment to do their work. Doing it on your own will mean either spending lots of money on equipment hire or settling for inferior tools. Hiring a Tampa Bay commercial landscaping company can save you money on equipment, and get you the best experts as well.


Experienced commercial landscaping professionals are a great asset to any business looking for the most appealing and unique landscaping outcome. Furthermore, you will have a host of services such as commercial lawn care, pest control, commercial irrigation, and other tree services to choose from.

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