The Shepherd Center

Photo: Andy Harrison, Manager of Business Development at Prime-Scape Services with Darlene Parker, Development Officer for The Shepherd Center.

In October 2016, Prime-Scape Services was pleased to be able to make a donation to The Shepherd Center at their offices in Tarpon Springs where they do so much valuable work for the community. The Shepherd Center was formed in 1974 when a few volunteers came together to provide food and clothing to those in their community suffering from the effects of poverty. Their mission was simply “to feed the hungry and clothe the poor.”

In the 42 years since then, The Shepherd Center has continued to grow but unfortunately so has the number of people who need their help on a daily basis. Despite their every increasing scale of their task, their mission has remained the same as always: to feed the hungry and clothe the poor. Today The Shepherd Center provides a variety of programs and services that help the impoverished and those in need. They run community food drops where bags of groceries are delivered directly to communities where the need is greatest as well as providing groceries for thousands each month from their food pantry. They also work closely with local churches to set up community kitchens that provide meals for the hungry seven days a week.

To learn more about the good work done by The Shepherd Center, to donate, or to volunteer, please visit www.tscenter.org

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